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             鄭州康暉食 品科技有限公司成立于2007年,是一家集食品添加劑的科研、生產、銷售、服務于一體的新技術企業,多年來公司一直致力于米面制食品的改良。公司根據市場需求開發出的“康暉”牌速凍水餃改良劑、速凍湯圓改良劑、 速凍面點改良劑、速凍調理食品等系列改良劑和“萬英”牌骨素提取物、熬骨高湯、復合香辛料等風味增香提鮮系列產品,贏得行業人士的廣泛好評。公司不僅擁有布拉班德粉質儀、拉伸儀、粘度儀、近紅外分析儀、美能達白度儀等先進的全套面粉檢測分析儀器,而且 擁有省農科院、河南工業大學、江南大學、鄭州輕工學院等院校的專家教授組成的研發團隊,同時與諾維信、帝斯曼、丹尼斯克等跨國公司緊密技術合作;具備可根據客戶要求定向研制的能力,為客戶進行項目的專題研究。多年的發展歷程公司已邁入專業化經營發展的 階段。目前,公司正朝著“中國速凍食品配料專家”這一愿景而努力,同時擁有“康暉”和“萬英”兩個商標,為服務于中國速凍食品工業而發展!

       Founded in 2007,Zhengzhou Canwe food science and technology limited company (short for "Canwe T&S"),is one of the tech enterprise of food additives in scientific research,production,sales and service.Over the years the company has devoted continuously to the improved of rice and four products.According to the requirements of market, we have developed two brand of food additives, one is "Canwe",such as quick-freeze dumpling amendment,quick-freeze glue pudding amendment,quick-freeze flour food amendment, another is"Winwe" whose function is flowoured and raised fresh of the products,such as bone extract,soup-stock extract,composite spices and so on.These two series of products received wideapread priase of industry delegates.Nowadays we own not only Brabender farnograph, Extensigraph, Viscograph,SpectraAlyzer,Minolta white-series, and other advanced flour detection equipment, but also own a reaearch team which include experts and professors from the Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Henan University of Technology, Jiangnan Univerdsity, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry ,meanwhile we have close technical cooperation with some multinational companies, Novozymes, DSM and Danisco, Based on this, we have the ability of taking decision- orientated study one to one, and carring project of specificity research on the depend of customers. Our company has enter the stage of specialized operation during the years of development. At present, we are moving toward to the vision of being "expert of quick-frozen food ingredients in China", while we also have the two brand of "Canwe" and "Winwe "to serve the Chinese quick-frozen food industry.

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